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  • The easiest ever ALL-IN-ONE system for banking affiliate commissions
  • Set up in MINUTES, then the automated system runs to make you profits completely passively
  • Live Search tech lets you offer unlimited products from 4 of the world’s leading eCom platforms
  • TRAFFIC Included! Award-winning software drives top-converting, 100% free traffic to your offers
  • Advanced conversion technology makes you sales, profits and EVEN builds your list
  • 100% beginner friendly and the ultimate source of multiple income streams for advanced marketers

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The Online Shopping Explosion: A Dream For Shoppers,
A NIGHTMARE For Marketers

Of the estimated 20+ MILLION eCommerce sites - less than 5% make over $1000 per year in sales. Meaning 95 out of 100 eCom site owners are LOSING money.

What’s the problem? Look at the ‘traditional’ ways of running an eCom site:


Buy & sell products yourself - pretty risky when you pay up front and HOPE to sell your inventory


Dropshipping - sounds great until you realize you’re risking your entire business on a company that may or MAY NOT deliver


Paying high monthly fees to a fancy platform to host your store - which takes a huge chunk out of any potential profits


Spending money on developers or even trying to build your own site - good luck competing with the BIG PLAYERS and their tech savvy, slick stores

The EASY Answer - Affiliate Marketing
Or Is It?

Marketing eCom products for affiliate commissions should be a GREAT way to make money without the hassles. Just list products made & delivered by other companies, make cash.

So why is it that 98% of eCom affiliates don’t make any sustainable profits?

Well it just takes 3 things … BUT they have to work VERY well:


Needs to be fast, easy to get, ideally FREE

And it has to target qualified prospects ready to spend money


To make sales, your store has to look great, ALWAYS be updated, have a huge selection of products …

And offer the #1 thing that motivates buyers more than anything else

Repeat Customers

To STAY profitable, you need to turn 1-time buyers into repeat customers …

By giving them MULTIPLE ways to hear about your latest offers

3 simple things - and they’re the hardest things to get right.

Which causes so MANY hard-working eCom affiliates to fail.

Imagine, Instead, Within 30 Minutes

Driving unlimited, targeted and FREE traffic to your very own affiliate stores … with a PROVEN tool that’s been used by successful marketers for over 18 months (more on that below)

Creating MULTIPLE affiliate stores in just a few clicks, stores that:
  • Are visually stunning based on the very latest design trends
  • Let you display truly UNLIMITED products from 4 of the most respected eCom platforms on the planet … that turn ‘single-item shoppers’ into massive sales per customer
  • Update THEMSELVES, automatically in real time, so your customers always see the latest products & the best deals … you’ll never waste time on updates or worry about compliance

Having a fully-automated SYSTEM that gives your prospects MULTIPLE ways to return as repeat customers and put MORE commissions in your pocket

You’d have the ONLY 3 things you need to make consistent, scalable and life-changing affiliate eCom commissions … in a multi-TRILLION dollar industry that’s growing every year.

You don’t have to imagine, because the solution is here … and beta testers are already raving about their results

Check Out These Results

(Beta-Tester Makes $399 In Their First 6 Days Using This)

$77 Made In Just 1 Day

$119 Made In Just 2 Days

$185 Made In Just 3 Days

$278 Made In Just 4 Days

$360 Made In Just 5 Days

$399 Made In Just 6 Days

You can get results like these yourself within hours of plugging in the software.

We’ve redesigned the affiliate eCom model from the ground up so making hands-free commissions is easier & faster than ever before possible.

Don’t want to pay for traffic? You’ll never have to again with our custom tool that drives CONVERTING traffic without paid ads

Sick of the high costs or time it itakes to create your own stores? Relax, the software does it ALL for you

Hate the tedious task You’ll never have to again with our custom tool that drives CONVERTING traffic without paid ads

Introducing: EasyStores

EasyStores is a one-stop solution for marketers of ANY LEVEL looking for game-changing affiliate eCom commissions.

It combines the very latest conversion technology, advanced automation and proven buyer psychology to allow YOU to make hands-free profits in any niche.

eCom Affiliate Commissions
In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1:

Upload the EasyStores theme & plugin to your Wordpress site

Step 2:

Choose your niche & customize settings. Then in one click connect your affiliate ID via API.Now you’ll earn commissions on ANY & EVERY product sold thru your stores

Step 3:

UDrive 100% free, targeted traffic with the INCLUDED cloud-based traffic software .Sit back, and watch the commissions roll in

Over the shoulder video guides walk you thru each step

Create Stunning, Top-Converting Stores In :

Start Making
Passive Daily, Weekly & Monthly Commissions

Like These … Without EVER Having To Manually Update Your Stores!

See How Easy It Is To Launch A PROFITABLE Store From Scratch:

Yes - I Want To Start Making Passive Affiliate Commissions Today!

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Sell MORE With Unlimited Product Selection

74% of online shoppers rate product selection as important during the online search process - disruptiveadvertising.com, May 2018

The stats are are simple: buyers spend MORE when they have more choices.

That’s why EasyStores lets you promote products from 4 of the world’s most powerful eCom platforms:

The eCom GIANT has over 564 MILLION products for sale … and incredible conversion tools that maximize your commissions

Walmart competes head to head with Amazon, meaning it’s a huge source of incredible deals you can offer in your stores

Makes massive sales across Russia, Europe & South America - listing these products can put you in front of an untapped GLOBAL market

This powerful, highly respected platform offers products from over 2000 merchants - many that are hard to find anywhere else!

Turn Your Stores Into “One-Stop Shops” &
Maximize Sales Per Customer

Amazon “Live Search Tech” lets visitors find ANY of Amazon’s 564 million products thru YOUR store … and YOU make the commission!

Skyrocket Profits With The ONE Thing
Customers Can’t Refuse

When was the last time you shopped online and DIDN’T look for the best deal?
Today’s online buyers love low prices, but they also love HUNTING for bargains.

The EasyStores “Real Time Discount Finder” makes deal-finding FUN for your customers … and they’ll never have to leave your store to find what they’re after!

Real Time Discount Finder

Customers can search for discounted products in real time …PLUS they can set the filter to their desired discount evel & quickly grab the deals they want most …Putting MORE commissions in your pocket each day!

Sell More To The FASTEST Growing Segment Of Online Buyers

Mobile commerce hit $700 BILLION in revenue in 2017, which is more than 300% growth over the past four years - smartinsights.com

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive Design [fully automated inside EasyStores] lets you cash in from the 75% of people that buy online thru mobile devices. Your stores render PERFECTLY on mobile and make shopping easy & fun for users on any device

Never Miss A Commission Again With
LIVE Self-Updating Stores

Nothing chases a customer off an online store faster than selecting a product, then finding it’s unavailable.

Thanks to this advanced tech, each of your stores updates itself in real time to ALWAYS reflect product changes, accurate prices & the latest deals.

Self-Updating For Hands-Free Profits:

  • NEVER waste time manually updating product listings
  • Maximize sales by always having the most currently available products & discounts
  • Your stores will remain compliant for a constant flow of commissions

Drive Profits For Up To THREE Months After Someone Visits!

The big problem with promoting Amazon products is the affiliate cookie only lasts 24 hours - if a prospect doesn’t buy in that time, you don’t make a commission.

Bank LONG TERM PROFITS With Our “Add To Cart Feature”

Once a visitor adds a product to their cart, you have up to 3 full months to earn a commission when they return and make ANY purchase!

Sell Even MORE To A Global Audience

Once you start using the included software for free traffic, you’ll be able to reach international customers for a massive source of untapped sales.

Now you can maximize profits from these visitors by letting them see products available in THEIR region!

Make Commissions From GLOBAL Visitors With Amazon One-Link Location-Based Technology

This feature tracks the location of visitors $ shows appropriate products available in THEIR region …which massively boosts your conversions & commissions.

Powerful Sales Technology Boosts Your Commissions

Zoom Feature For HIGHER Sales

Customers LOVE the ability to see close-up images just by hovering over the product image - we’ve included this ZOOM tech so your visitors can quickly get the details they need to make a buying decision

Effortlessly Turn Browsers Into LIFETIME Customers

The most successful eCom marketers all agree that the secret to long term profits is to build a list of interested buyers.

Built-In List Building For Ongoing Profits

It’s simple to add an optin form to your stores and connect it to ANY autoresponder you choose.

Now you can email targeted subscribers about upcoming promos to drive even more commissions

3 MORE Ways To Grow Your List & Income

Sometimes people will visit but won’t find exactly what they’re looking for. Instead of losing these prospects, EasyStores gives you 3 great ways to keep them coming back:

Customer Wish List

If a product or discount a customer wants is currently available, they can add it to their wish list - then receive an automated email once the product becomes available

Price Drop Alerts

If customers prefer a lower price, they can register to be notified when the price drops. They get an AUTOMATED email when the price comes down, increasing your commission potential & building your list at the same time!

Top-Converting Stores In Any Niche? DONE
Here’s Where Things Get REALLY Good

Unlimited Traffic On Tap - 100% Free

Most store building software cover traffic in 3 ways:

1. Not at all, leaving it completely up to you

2. With a few basic tips or unproven strategies

3. Or by telling you to start investing in FB ads

We Want You To SUCCEED … So We’re INCLUDING Our Award-Winning Cloud-Based Traffic Software

For over 18 months, thousands of customers that paid FULL PRICE for this traffic software have been using it to get life-changing results.

Results Like THESE:

398 visitors in just 30 minutes

380 visitors in just 1 hour

1203 visitors in just 2 hour

2810 visitors in just 9 hours

Hands-Down The Most Powerful & EASY Way To Get All The Traffic You Need


Campaigns take just minutes to create and the traffic starts rolling almost INSTANTLY


You can laser-target motivated buyers in any niche


No paid ads, no ‘post boosts’ … no ad budget needed EVER


The specific platform this software exploits is packed full of PROVEN eCom buyers

Include Complete Video Guides To Get You MAXIMUM Results

Even More Powerful Features Included With EasyStores

Multiple Income Streams

Your license lets you create up to TEN affiliate stores. Attract a diverse range of buyers …

Exploit hot & upcoming niches instantly for ‘fast-mover’ profits Bank commissions in numerous markets & scale your income

SEO Optimized To Maximize Organic Traffic

Your EasyStoress come pre-optimized for SEO to increase free search traffic. Profit from visitors ACTIVELY searching for your stores’ specific products

Built-In Social Media Sharing

Tap into the viral world of social media traffic by sharing your products socially

From inside the dashboard you can share offers on multiple sites including FB & Pinterest with a single click

This theme makes it incredibly easy to customize your stores with your logos, branding, preferred color schemes and much more The control options panel is user-friendly for beginners and includes advanced functionality for advanced marketers
Recent GDPR compliance terms have caused headaches for many marketers and store owners Relax knowing your EasyStoress are 100% GDPR compliant so you can profit from European customers without any issues
As easy as EasyStores is to use, we’ve included detailed video modules walking you thru each step

Industry-Leading Support

Nothing is more frustrating than running into a challenge and not getting an effective solution, fast

We’ve got a fully-staffed support team of pros ready to quickly resolve any questions or issues you may have

The EasyStores Difference -
Your Answer For Passive Affiliate Profits

  • 1. Stunning Stores With The Latest Conversion Technology
  • 2. Unlimited Traffic On Demand, 100% Free
  • 3. Built-In List Building & Customer Retention Features
  • 4. Auto-Updating Stores For TRULY Hands-Free Commissions
  • 5. Compliant With GDPR & eCom Affiliate Platforms

And We’re Not Stopping There!

Act now to receive the following high-value bonuses created specifically to maximize your results

  • Exclusive Bonus 1: Azon Profit Builder (Value: $97)
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  • Exclusive Bonus 4: Amazon Finder (Value: $97)
  • Exclusive Bonus 5: Traffic Pro (Value: $97)
  • Exclusive Bonus 6: Facebook Lead Finder (Value: $97)

Bonuses only available during this limited launch special

No Risk … ALL Reward
The EasyStores 100% Money Back Guarantee

Pick up EasyStores now completely risk free. Your small nvestment is covered by our money back guarantee.

Try it out for 30 full days, and see how easy it is to set up top-converting affiliate stores in minutes.Use the included software for free traffic to start making affiliate commissions.If you need any help at all, our support desk is here for you. In the highly unlikely event you’re not satisfied, let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your payment.

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Get Full Access To EasyStores Now During This

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EasyStores - 1 Site

30 site licence

EasyStores - 30 Sites

Thanks for reading this message. We wish you the best of success in your future marketing, and would love to help you moving forward.

Gee Sanghera

Ben Carroll

P.S. We don’t want to rush you, but this is an extremely limited-time offer. As soon as the timer hits zero the price WILL increase to a monthly subscription. You’re covered by our unconditional guarantee and have nothing to lose.

P.P.S. In 30 days from now, you could still be struggling to drive traffic and making commissions. Or you could be building your business, dominating new niches and making hands-free profits from 100% free traffic. You know what to do. put all that under the JVZoo buttons

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! In fact we haven’t found an easier store builder on the market at any price, that includes traffic, training and EVERYTHING you need to earn affiliate commissions. You won’t need tech skills or any previous experience to make this work.

This is an incredibly fast & efficient system for creating MULTIPLE passive income streams. EasyStores lets you focus on your main business while setting up multiple stores that drive hands-free commissions.

Yes, the platform includes both a theme & plugin for use on WordPress. We include detailed training on how to install the software & create your stores.

We’re including our award-winning, PROVEN cloud-based traffic software. Watch us show you over the shoulder how to quickly get it set up, then drive targeted visitors direct to your stores.

If you’re brand new, a couple of hours tops to get started. If you’ve got some experience with WordPress sites, you can have stores built in minutes.

After that, the system runs all on its own and requires no time or ongoing maintenance … but we do recommend running the traffic software a few times per week (just takes minutes) to keep the commissions coming in.